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Model AABCA 3’ Veneer/Raised Panel Molding Optional, Brushed Chrome Trim

Refrigerated Bakery Case - Model AABCA 3’ Optional Real Wood Veneer w/ Molding and Chrome Trim

Custom Bakery Case Manufacturers  


Piquing the interest of potential customers is the key to running a successful bakery. That is why pastry chefs from across the globe have focused on having shops with a rich interior, exquisite aroma, and impressive visual appeal to bring people in and encourage them to buy their latest baked goods. Once these customers take a bite of your creations, you are sure to create a customer for life. Let the team at Alternative Air Store Fixtures help you get your goods into their hands.


Our case manufacturers offer a wide variety of custom-designed, handcrafted bakery display cases for customers throughout the country. From dry cabinets to custom refrigerated display cases, we make sure your shop has what it needs to accurately present your baked items to customers in both look, smell, and presentation.


Thanks to our A/A Fixtures’ bakery display cases, the units we offer don’t just provide superior performance and satisfaction but are also specifically designed to preserve freshness and longevity. Contact us today to learn all about the unique engineering and design that go into our bakery display cases.   

Product Information

  • Refrigerated bakery display case (36° to 41°) Bakery Displays Starting at $4,854 (3' Display Case)
  • Dry Bakery Displays (Ambient) Starting at $3,369 (3' Display Case) 
  • Bakery Display Cases Come in 3', 4', 5', and 6'. Custom Lengths also available upon request.  


  • Total insulated case
  • Insulated thermopane front glass
  • Self-contained refrigeration system (no floor drain required)
  • Digital temperature control (dual pressure safety switch)
  • White interior
  • LED lights on all levels
  • Mirrored interior ends
  • Transparent mirrored insulated rear sliding doors (removable)
  • Independent light switch with a 2amp receptacle
  • Three (3) adjustable 1/4 inch glass shelves
  • Over fifteen hundred (1500) exterior laminate choices
  • One (1) year parts and labor warranty
  • Four (4) year extended compressor warranty (parts only, no labor)


  • Special laminate colors and finishes
  • Veneers
  • High volume
  • Glass windows
  • 35” deep
  • Dual zones (half & half cases)
  • Moldings
  • Top ledges
  • Casters
  • Corners
  • Cash wraps
  • Vertical cases
  • Countertops
  • Non-refrigerated also available
  • Custom manufacturing also available
  • ... and more!
Model AABCC 3’ Stone Finish Laminate w/ Polished Chrome Trim

Refrigerated Bakery Case - Model AABCC 3’ Stone Finish Laminate w/ Polished Chrome Trim

Model AABCD 3’ Brown Laminate w/ Brass Trim

Refrigerated Bakery Case - Model AABCD 3’ Brown Laminate w/ Brass Trim