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If you own a bakery, you already know how important it is to display your carefully crafted delicacies. Baking is a true work of art, and the right climate-controlled store displays are necessary to present your goods while keeping them fresh and safe to consume. Here at Alternative Air & Store Fixtures, we offer a range of cases that will highlight your products in bright and airy units that entice your customers through the power of visual merchandising.


We supply custom refrigerated display cases to a wide range of customers, including bakeries, chocolatiers, confectionaries, and other specialty shops. You can join our growing list of clients by reaching out to us for a unique cabinet that meets all of your display needs. If you have any questions about our products and how they will work for you, feel free to inquire at any time.

Our products are designed to preserve your delicacies by maintaining the ideal temperature and the perfect humidity level. This combination delivers freshness and longevity that you and your customers alike will both love. You can work with us to choose the finish, color, and features that make the unit seamlessly blend with your shop’s style décor. We are always happy to hear from our customers and look forward to helping you today.   

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Hours of Operation
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